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 On this page, I will attempt to find products that will help with our walk with the lord who died for our sins that we may have everlasting life. I am a Christian and know the lord died for my sins. I have been through a lot of struggles, and still do daily, trying to walk with the lord. I hope these resources will help your effort to please him too.

I believe I am a Christian, and try daily to walk with the lord Jesus. I still slip up, as we all do, and pray each day for forgivness, and strenght from the lord. I know he has plans for me, and I pray that he will bless me in my efforts to bring what others may need to better themselves in these troubled times

The Bible on One Page

Becoming God's Masterpiece

Instant King James Bible Download 

52 Model Questions for Bible Teachers 

Romans Inductive Bible Study Guide 

Bible Lessons and Sermons 

Teach the Bible to  Change Lives 

 Discovering Bible Truths

 Home Study Bible Courses

 Ruth of the Bible

 Your Relationship With God Book

 Read the Word: The Bible was Written for You

Free Christian Stuff: Check this link out for free stuff to help with your walk.

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